King / Space / Silly / Starbit
He/They ~ Genderfluid Pansexual

Uhhh i didnt finish writing this part yet hold on I'll make a proper about me later lmao,,


Status: CLOSED
ETA: ~1 week

^^^^^ This form is to be filled out in dms/comments on whatever platform you're messaging me on!

Small Icons [600x600]

Big Icons [1000x1000]


Please include the name you want on the badge in your form!!!

I can't turn them into physical badges, but feel free to do so for yourself!


50$ - Unshaded Halfbody

55$ - Shaded Halfbody


70$ - Unshaded Fullbody

80$ - Shaded Fullbody

Terms of Service

  • I can decline any commission for any reason!

  • I will only start commissions once a confirmation from you that you sent payment. I will check, and then start.

  • I will NOT be issuing any refund for any reason. Please be aware of this before paying!!!

  • You must pay in full upfront before I start working on it

  • Upon taking a commission I will not give wips unless asked to! Please ask before hand if you would like them, asking for WIPs usually makes commissions take longer, as I will wait to continue the commission until I get an ok to continue.

  • I can share any commission I make on my social profiles and/or in my portfolio! I can stream any comm on twitch.

  • You can repost the artwork I have made for you anywhere you like as long as there is a LINK or a TAG to my profile (Includes using as a profile picture)

  • Commissions can only be used for personal use, and nothing else.

  • I can add more terms to this list at any time, if you have any questions please ask me! I'd be happy to explain them to you